Working on social connectivity while we social distance.

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It's late March 2020, and humanity as a whole is working to protect those most vulnerable from contracting COVID -19. Naturally, this means working conditions have changed across the globe and we're no exception. In Toronto, ON, Canada we’ve been social distancing for a week now. As a result, the Creatubbles team has been working from home and we’ve paused all in-person beta-testing for the time being. While we decrease our own in-person social interactions the team has been actively exploring ways to increase social connectivity within Super Code Strike.

This empty SCS base has got a similar vibe to our sad, empty office right now.

There are a few elements that we can assume will increase the feeling of connectedness within the game, including: a chat system, connecting the app to your other social media accounts and offering the ability to update your followers when you create a new base (a notification system). Although important elements, we're not confident they'll be enough to reinforce the feeling of connected gameplay we're hoping to achieve.

However, through research, brainstorming and team discussions, we've come up with two major updates that we feel could shift game play away from isolated experiences and towards building a sense of community and friendly competition. The first is a tournament system, and the second is multiplayer (in what capacity? we're not quite sure yet).

We began experimenting running tournaments using dice, cue-cards and a series of different points systems. Here are some of the key elements that worked for us:

  • The points system accounts for the work that goes into base building as well as striking

  • Tournaments are really only fun when there are time limits for building and striking

  • Providing endless options for base building material doesn't lend itself to timed game play

  • To determine what each player has access to when building their base we developed a lottery system - this added an additional element of chance which we all really liked

  • Notifications update tournament players on whats happening within the tournament when they're not using the app - this helped to maintain that feeling of connectedness

In addition to the above we also developed new leaderboards, and user pathways for striking the bases included in the tournament.

So what were the results? Well, tournaments are fun. We like tournaments, and we're going to incorporate them permanently. But we want even more in-app socialization. So we're going to move onto testing multiplayer. In the next blog post we'll share some of the coding challenges and game play successes that have come up as Super Code Strike moves beyond an asynchronous experience.

Interested in becoming a beta tester for Super Code Strike? Sign up to participate here: SCS Beta Testing

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