It's another app. So, what's different this time?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Creatubbles began with the launch of an art sharing app designed for children. The basic concept was an online platform that enabled children to share their creative work and explore other types of art in a safe, inclusive space. The app is monitored in 15 languages to further ensure children from all over the world are encouraged to join and share safely. When developing Super Code Strike (SCS), we have stayed committed to the core concepts of inclusion as well as fostering learning and creativity, but this time we’ve transitioned from the arts, towards the sciences.

The SCS app integrates computer coding and game play, so unlike the Creatubbles app, this game falls within STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and includes any subject within those four disciplines. However, like art, computer coding is a relatively universal language. Most, but not all, programming languages are in English, including Blockly or block-based coding. The benefit of using a visual programming language like Blockly in SCS, is that it tends to be more universally appealing as it replaces written syntax with shapes that link together to create complete code.

It’s important to the team that we develop products that are accessible to as many young people around the world as possible. If you have internet access and a mobile device, you can play the game; if you have even a limited understanding of the English language you can begin to experiment with coding was well. Having said this, we know that STEM fields have tended to be heavily male dominated and are working to ensure SCS appeals to a broad range of user types, including across genders. One way we have been approaching this is by including a wide variety of opportunities to customize and create your own experience. However, we continue to do our best to understand how we can make SCS as broadly appealing and engaging as possible.

Our goal as a company is to continue to inspire creativity and learning through play. We do not envision that we will ever reach a fixed end state and we expect that SCS will continue to be an evolving product based on player feedback. As we move forward with our soft launch of the app this summer 2020, we will be working with children from different backgrounds and with different interests to ensure that we continue to remain an accessible brand that engages players analytical and creative abilities.

Interested in becoming a beta tester for Super Code Strike? Sign up to participate here: SCS Beta Testing

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