Top 5 best new features in Super Code Strike ... and what to expect moving forward

Top five most impactful NEW game-play elements in Super Code Strike since May 2020 (according to our beta testers)

1. Head to head game play

2. The option to change weapons (Shotgun, Riffle, Force Punch), or have no weapons at all

3. The addition of new base backgrounds and building elements (some examples include: forcefield, balls, ramp, arm/disarm zones, collectables, C4 (bomb) & toggle switch)

4. New character interactions: players can now activate, pick up, throw & drop certain items

5. Social engagement options: follow friends, review activity feed

Five things Super Code Strike players can look forward to trying out this year…

1. New music and in-app sounds (SFX)

2. New programable robots and new characters with a brand-new set of controls & the ability to customize your character

3. More backgrounds, new base building options and more than 50 new décor options already in the works

4. Tutorials and a progression system (this includes an in-game economy)

5. Story mode: exploring Hak-Hak Island!

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