The Social Update

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Super Code Strike is still in Early Access which means you can play the game while it’s in development. The app has been available in the Apple App Store in Canada since January 2021, and within the past eight months we have shipped several huge updates. The core gameplay remains consistent: build, code and strike! However, we continue to iterate and refine our approach to that experience based on player feedback.

We’ve learned that the positive experience of our players strongly correlates with the social aspects of the game. Creating levels for others to enjoy, and then taking on other players' builds, combined with multiplayer opportunities has helped to create a community that thrives on friendly competition. We recognized this and sought to cultivate it further through design enhancements.

The most impactful update we’ve shipped to date was internally coined “the social update”, which introduced a new portrait layout optimized for easy scrolling through level builds, player profiles and the latest game news. This update also added new features like the ability to like or favourite an island (so you can come back to it later), as well as tagging other players in comments, or following your favourite builders and friends. These changes in addition to a streamlined multiplayer experience put social connection at the forefront of the SCS player experience.

We also made significant updates to the building platform. Encouraging creative builds meant removing potential barriers like building costs (referring to in-game currency), and instead unlocking a wider variety of building materials, better camera controls and a range of automatically generated starting off points to help spark builders’ creativity. These changes have made a big difference, however we continue to stay focused on building a strong foundation and flexible toolset for creators.

With Super Code Strike there really is something for everyone, and there are many more exciting updates yet to come. For example, we are now working on character customization with a wide range and variety of looks, as well as new multiplayer experiences. Players can expect to see these updates soon, so stay tuned. As always thank you for your support and feedback as we continue to develop Super Code Strike!

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