The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The feedback provided by beta testers (good & bad) has helped us to determine both the direction of Super Code Strike and our development schedule over the past few months. Positive feedback helps to reaffirm the direction we're moving in, but negative feedback is also incredibly valuable. From identifying bugs with quick fixes to determining overall user experience, honest feedback is the only way we as a team can effectively prioritize what needs to be considered in the next update. In an effort to be transparent about the game development process we are sharing some of the more constructive feedback we've received recently and ways we plan to address it.

The main areas of focus based on the feedback below are coding, tutorials, design fixes, bugs, and the ability to customize your character. These are all recurring themes that have been addressed in upcoming releases.

As ShadowK mentioned, coding within a mobile game may come across as unapproachable which could deter players from ever trying it out. In addition to that, Add1ctedToGames points out that the blockly coding design we were using was not mobile friendly. To resolve these issues we completely revamped the hacking experience. Update 0.38 included a new blockly code editor, a better organized tool box with more intuitive blocks, and we added "tool tips" to explain what each block does. We are also currently working on a more complete tutorial for update 0.39 which would address hacking as well as the rest of the game.

Hacking screen in SCS version 0.37
Updated hacking screen in SCS version 0.38

Finding bugs seems like a never ending process, but with the help of players like Codebot who always share the bugs they find, we are able to keep an updated issues tracker for the dev team to refer to, prioritize and then resolve.

We first started tracking player feedback in-person (pre-covid) over a year ago at our office in Toronto; and since then we have received the request for additional customization options from almost every person we've talked to. Although we don't have those customization options in-place yet, phase 1 is scheduled for release in update 0.39 which comes out in the first week of November 2020 with phase 2 (more customization options) to follow. We're also launching new characters in the weeks to come so players will have more options to chose from.

If you follow us on Discord we have a #Feedback channel where we invite players to share their honest experiences with us on a regular basis. We host an online community night with our younger players on Friday evening (new players are always welcome), and we hold ad hoc calls with players throughout the week. As of November, Super Code Strike will be available in early access on iOS within Canada, and collecting honest feedback will continue to be a top priority for our team.

Join us on Discord to play Super Code Strike on iOS!

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