Get to know the SCS characters! Plus, what's Bubble Gum Cyberpunk and why should you care?

At first glance it's easy to see that Super Code Strike has unique branding. The characters, in-game elements, colour pallet and storyline are all carefully curated. These elements work together, transporting players into a Bubble Gum Cyberpunk world plagued by evil corporations and populated with unique characters, faced with unpredictable in-game development at the hands of players (you).

As of right now (September 2020) SCS features 13, completely unique playable characters and 2 non-playable characters (NPC's). We're currently working on offering in-game customization options (new skins, outfits, weapons, cosmetic changes etc). But, before we launch those new features we'd like to take a second to introduce the original characters and how they're related to one another.

Our team has coined the term "Bubble Gum Cyberpunk" when it comes to describing the Super Code Strike aesthetic. Borrowed from the 90's bubble gum punk movement that appealed to rebellious younger crazies without the "frightening cords" of punk proper. In SCS, we share the a lot themes present in "classic" cyberpunk: politics, dystopian futurism, robotic, cybernetics and internet culture to name a few. So while we have many of those Dickensian themes, we're primarily focused on the struggle that leads leading to adventure, mystery and creativity hijinks. Simply put: cyberpunk is hardcore nihilism, whereas Bubble Gum Cyberpunk is hope with a cherry on top.

The SCS character "Family Tree" outlines the relationships that exist within the game storyline.

The SCS Universe is a simulation. All things are both real and unreal and all beings in the SCS universe have the power to hack the simulation. Those that hack reality use the secrets of the Nanites found on the island planet of Fizztopia as a means to miraculous ends. But the simulation is controlled by the powerful and greedy FizzCorp bent on forcing the universe to serve them and their twisted devices. A war is now waged between those that serve the corporation and those that dream of a world of free from oppression. Those that fight are part of the revolution,

they are the code strike...

Interested in becoming a beta tester for Super Code Strike? Sign up to participate here: SCS Beta Testing

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