Can you meet the curriculum requirements by playing a mobile game? We think so.

Although teaching a new curriculum will come with its fair set of challenges, the intention to increase technological literacy in Ontario students at a young age is clearly to their benefit. And what better reason to embrace the use of technology in the classroom than that? As you can imagine, we wholeheartedly support any effort to promote learning to code both educationally and socially! We see this as an opportunity to approach educating our children in a new, much more engaging, and ultimately more effective way.

Globally, curricula may differer, however these four overarching categories of focus in computer science remain consistent: memory, data structuring, control (information) flow, and algorithms. We have reviewed 10+ public education coding curricula within North America, Australia and Singapore as well as the suggested curricula from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S) all of which also include these core concepts.

Here’s a closer look at the official Ontario Computer Sciences grades 6-8 curriculum (2020) as a reference for key performance indicators, plus the corresponding categories of focus covered in each grade.

With Super Code Strike, our aim is to build fun and engaging experiences that incorporate programming and problem solving. While we’re not inherently trying to build games that map to any specific curriculum, we’re really excited to see that the Ontario Curriculum and others that we’ve looked at around the world are all increasingly aligned with the direction we’ve been taking towards STEM-focussed learning.

Super Code Strike offers an integrated approach between engaging gameplay and curriculum backed coding. By learning how to code through a game like Super Code Strike, players are able to draw practical connections between events in real-time and then apply those learnings immediately. Most importantly, this process occurs naturally, while they’re having fun and focusing on play. That’s what makes it unique.

Within the coming months you will see a phased release of our game to the Canadian public. Upcoming releases will feature our custom pxt blockly, visual coding and in-app tutorial system that covers the categories above. Super Code Strike will be a resource available to parents, teachers and students learning to code, and learning how to teach coding. Stay tuned for more updates!


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The 2020 Ontario curriculum:

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