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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

There are a few key issues to consider when taking a single player game and making it multiplayer. The first being the technical aspect. Adding another person into an existing game play scenario cannot be done in real-time. As a result, there will always be a slight delay – our effort has been focused on making this delay as small and insignificant as possible, so players experiences do not differ from one device to another despite potential network delays (easier said than done).

Our existing game structure works well for asynchronous striking, but when we tested multiplayer we ran into a few issues. The first was that up until now, we only had one character. When the game started, all five players were in the starting zone, and they all looked identical. It took time to work out which character was yours, and in some cases, players were shot before they figured it out. This experience felt and looked clumsy (not good!). In addition to that, we don’t have any triggers or scenarios setup that promote teamwork, which means that although the game is technically multiplayer now – the experience still feels very singular.

Once we introduced new characters, we also implemented survival mode and user defined objectives. Survival mode provides an opt-in challenge for players who are given a limited number of lives to get through a predetermined group of levels. Users are now also able to define the striker’s objective within their base beyond simply racing through to the finish line. We implemented this by setting optional restrictions on the exit zone. So, when a player builds a base, they can program their exit zone to activate after the striker has met certain requirements, like killing all of the robots.

These changes to gameplay design will not be enough to make the jump from single player to multiplayer feel natural and complete. However, they are a good first step, and they set up an opportunity for beta testers to begin participating in structured game play sessions on a weekly basis and providing valuable feedback.

Interested in becoming a beta tester for Super Code Strike? Sign up to participate here: SCS Beta Testing

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