Make your level as DEADLY as possible!

Build, hack and strike your friends’ levels while fighting up the leaderboards to earn bonus elements. Get creative and build your own challenging level using robots, walls, traps and more. The key is to make your level as deadly as possible by hacking your robots visual scripting to code your own custom AI. The better your level, the more points you earn on the way to becoming a legendary builder.

There are three main pillars to Super Code Strike:

  • Build

  • Strike

  • Upgrade

Building within the context of this game refers to designing and creating your own level. The goal is to try and build the most creative and competitive level possible, then publish it online for your friends to play. The only requirement while building is that before you can publish your level you need to set the high score by completing it yourself. You are incentivized to build the best, beatable level possible because once your level is published, it will earn you in-game currency as others play it.

When striking, players use twin-stick style controls and a top-down camera angle to navigate their character through the user generated level. Players need to avoid destruction and eliminate the robots, traps and other destructibles, while trying to set a new high score. The better your strike score on each level, the more you earn.

The in-game currency you earn from striking and building provides access to new robots and traps, as well as new skins and customization options for your character. The unlocks fuel creativity and as you and your friends build up your levels you will face more wacky and difficult challenges.

The core gameplay for Super Code Strike has both changed and stayed the same throughout development.

Here's what our Senior Game Designer, Chris Atallah has to say about the game play evolution for Super Code Strike (SCS) over the past few months. "We have always wanted to focus on using visual scripting to write programs within the game, while also empowering players to design their own in-game experience." Chris continued, "when we started developing SCS we were working with the concept of building a level while another player raids or strikes it. However, in the original design players had to write complex programs for robots who would then run through another player's level." When asked why the Creatubbles team deviated from this game design Chris said: "it quickly became problematic because the task of writing a long program to was too tedious for a mobile game and our target demographic. The raiding and striking gameplay also felt really similar to the experience of building your level, so we decided to go in another direction by introducing adventure style raiding along with the level building to create two experiences that feel very different."

This new direction created an important contrast in pacing between both main pillars of the game with the Raiding being high pace, reactive and action packed while the Building remained slower, more thoughtful and offered players the chance to be creative. Chris said, "not only did this create a difference in pacing between two of the main pillars of the game, but it also made the game much more approachable to a wider audience because of the simple nature of the Raiding section of the game." Players are now able to pick-up the game and experience immediate success when striking, while easing into level building and coding which comes naturally as you progress through the game.

Interested in becoming a beta tester for Super Code Strike? Sign up to participate here: SCS Beta Testing

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