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Community Update #4 - Jan 2022

We’re kicking off 2022 with our first community update of the year and it’s a big one!

Like with every community update, we’ll be going over the latest changes and new content to hit Super Code Strike. Our immediate focus is still on improving the building experience with new tools and a fresh interface. But we’re not stopping there; we want to take a bit of time to talk about an overhaul that the team’s been working on. 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Super Code Strike, and we want to make sure that you’re all as excited as we are!

First, we’d like to thank all of you — the strikers, builders, and hackers of Super Code Strike — for growing the community into what it is today. The game has seen a surge in interaction these last few months. There’s always a new batch of islands to play each day and plenty of players to play them. You’re a huge inspiration for us and the reason that we do what we do; the team wants to put more power in the hands of social and creative players like yourselves.

Now let's dive in!

Building Interface 2.0

In the last update, we threw a couple of new features into the mix: Undo/Redo buttons, the Draw and Box brushes, and new Delete tool functionality. In exchange, we temporarily removed lesser-used buttons like the Debug option. Now with version 0.61, we’re throwing in a few extra toys for you to play with, and that means rearranging the building interface again. More functionality than ever, but still elegant and easy to use.

You'll find the new tools on the left-side column. From top to bottom, we have the Select tool, Add tool, Move tool, Rotate tool, and Delete tool. On the right side are sub-options unique to each tool that let you customize them to suit your building needs. We’ll be going over everything in the next section. We also hope that the new labels and clean, crispy icons will do their part in guiding you through the new interface.

More Building Tools!

At the top of the tool column is Select, which lets builders “select” or highlight blocks and other assets to be manipulated later with the Move and Rotate tools. Both Draw and Box brushes — shapes, as they're now called — are available for the Select tool, but the real magic is in its three new modes. Replace mode lets builders completely override their previous selection, Add mode allows you to “add” more blocks and assets to your original selection, and Subtract mode takes away from previous selections. With the power of shapes and modes, you can make precise selections to manipulate exactly what you need to on your islands.

Right under it is the Add tool (not to be confused with the Select tool’s Add mode); this is your classic building tool to drop blocks and assets onto your island. It still comes with both the Draw and Box shapes to suit all of your building needs. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to select the tool from the tool column; tapping an asset in the asset bar will automatically switch to the Add tool.

The Delete tool, much like the Add tool, is the same as it was in the previous update. The Draw and Box brushes will get the job done. Using Delete in combination with Undo/Redo makes cleaning up your work a breeze.

The next tool in the list is Move, allowing you to move entire selections around the grid. No more moving land blocks one at a time! Once you have your blocks and assets selected, you can move everything at once to their new destination.

Another huge time-saver, and the final tool, is Rotate. With the Rotate tool, entire selections can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. You also have the choice between rotating selections in world space or local space. World space treats the selection as one single object, letting you rotate the entire mass. Rotating in local space means every block or asset that you have selected will be rotated independently.

We’ve also gotten rid of a few minor bugs related to building for a smoother experience. The team knows that the content you guys pump out is the lifeblood of Super Code Strike, so we’re here to create the best building system possible for you! Over the next few updates, we’ll be polishing up these new features to a shine. Improvements and changes to hacking, another crucial component of the game, are coming soon as well.

A New Experience on the Horizon

As we mentioned at the start, 2022 will be a defining year for Super Code Strike. The new stuff that the team’s been cooking up is guaranteed to enrich the experience we all love across the board. We’re talking about new avenues for meaningful social interaction, more ways to strike and build, and an emphasis on learning as a community. The goal is to create an immersive world that acts as the foundation on which players can grow together.

Don’t worry, everything you love about the experience isn’t going anywhere; posting, sharing, and playing on islands will work as they do now, but within a new framework with new features to boot. Those new features come with all the benefits we outlined earlier and a focus on coding that appeals to a variety of learning styles. To promote coding, hacking will be getting a facelift of its own — more versatility and fewer restrictions. We can’t wait to see the kind of things you’ll create as a community!

You’ll be hearing a lot more about our next steps in the months to come as the team gears up for the transition. If you’re looking for more juicy info drops, join our Discord server by clicking here and keep your eyes peeled for a word from the team. You can also chat about all things Super Code Strike and coding with your fellow players.

Ready for More?

Version 0.61 is all about giving our builders what we know they’re hungry for. Islands are the backbone of the Super Code Strike experience, so giving you the tools to create the best islands possible is always at the top of our to-do list. We took a look at the Select, Add, Delete, Translate, and Rotate tools — plus all of their sub-options — as well as the shiny new building interface to house it all in. The game update will go live around the time this community update comes out, so if you’re reading this, load up the game and start building!

As for what’s coming down the pipe, the team has plenty more to talk about so stay tuned for our next Community Update. The future of Super Code Strike is looking bright and we want you to be a part of it.

Until next time! Stay creative!

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