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Community Update #3 - Dec 2021

Our third community update already! Can you even believe we’ve been doing this since August?

To close out the year, we have a host of new improvements and additions to share with you all. Consider it an early holiday gift! With version 0.59 of Super Code Strike, we’re hoping to lay down the groundwork for a new and improved building experience. There are new building tools, new interface improvements, and a few extra reworks to boot! The team has shown a lot of love to our strikers in the community recently, but don’t think that we’ve forgotten about you builders. This update is all about you, and we have more stuff on the way. Better building experiences means better content for strikers. Strap in and let’s get started!

A lot of features that many of you have been requesting are finally in the game: we’re talking Undo/Redo functionality, a box brush for faster building, selection tools, and more. On top of that, the whole building UI is getting a little bit of a facelift for a more intuitive experience. The team has also heard your comments about Strike Boxes, so we’re actively working to rebalance and reward you for your efforts appropriately. The Discord is also getting a makeover to make it a better place for our community to talk about all things Super Code Strike!

New Building Tools

Putting down one object at a time is great for getting those fine details in, not so much for anything else. Introducing brushes here to improve efficiency and reduce tedium! We have two brushes ready for use in 0.59, with a bunch more in the works.

First up is the Draw Brush, an updated version of the default building tool that many of you know. It’s got some extra functionality this time around, like the ability to preview the result before you apply your blocky additions. Just draw with your finger, and if you’re happy with what you see, let go to confirm the brush stroke. The second is the Box Brush, which as the name implies, lets you create three-dimensional box shapes by dragging your finger. In just one swipe, you can create the foundation for your entire island!

One of the most, if not the most, requested building features has been Undo/Redo functionality, and we can finally say it’s in the game! Add something by accident? Delete something you shouldn’t have? Changed your mind about something? Whatever your issue, the Undo/Redo buttons are here to save the day! You can find them in the top right of the building interface, similar to where you’d find them in the hacking window. But remember, these features only work on changes you made in that session, so undo and redo everything you need to before you exit the building screen.

Deleting things one at a time was such a drag, so we decided to speed things up! The same brushes we’re giving you for land blocks and other assets, we’re also giving the Delete tool. You can delete big chunks of an island at a time or clean up some loose blocks with precision using those same brushes! Making mistakes and changing directions are the most normal things ever, and Super Code Strike won’t punish you for it.

Building UI

For starters, we’ve given the boot to the Bug Test and Help buttons. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be back after a rework, but for now, cleaning up the building interface is more important. Many of you mentioned rarely ever using these features, which tells us that they haven’t earned their spot among the other features the team knows you love! Something you guys do use a lot is the reference grid, so we’ve added vertical grids as well to help you add elevation to your island.

Another key concern builders had was being able to identify what they had selected did I select the robot or the block below it? That problem’s a thing of the past now that we have this fancy new highlight cube! Also, try rotating an object when you have it selected. We added a new sound effect for your rotating pleasure. These among a sea of other tiny changes will undoubtedly improve the feel of building. You really have to load up the latest release of Super Code Strike to see what we mean!

Strike Box Revamp

Strikers work hard for their Strike Boxes, and so they need a sizeable reward to match their dedication to the art of island-clearing. Before, you could get anywhere from 1 XP to 100 Coins, and that was too huge of a difference! The chance that you'd end up with a puny reward for your colossal efforts was too high. For now, we’re changing all XP and Coins gains to a flat 100, with a chance to earn a healthy chunk of Nanites too. These numbers will probably change in the future to bring back some mystery around Strike Boxes, but for the moment, we're focusing on giving strikers the loot they deserve.

Discord Overhaul

If you’re not already in our Discord server, you can join it by clicking here. And if you are, you’ll notice that it’s undergone a bunch of changes this month!

In the General Info section, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Discord and Super Code Strike. There’s also a handy channel for bug reports if you ever stumble into anything that looks out of place in the game. The SCS Community Discussion section is the place to talk about Super Code Strike with other players, but also where you can strike up some conversation about other interests you may have like music or cute cats! The SCS Community Hub is where you can get help, leave feedback, and request new features. The dev team is active on Discord as well and will happily chat all things SCS. Last but not least is the OG Club for all of our returning Discord veterans to chat about how cool they are!

What’s Next?

You’ll be surprised by how fast you’re building once you get a taste of these new tools. And if you ever need a strike break, check out the new Strike Box adjustments and work your way towards some sweet cosmetics for your favourite characters! Or, take a trip to the Super Code Strike Discord v2.0 and talk shop with your new friends!

As always, there’s plenty more on the way. In 2022, Super Code Strike is really going to take off with new content and other secret updates that we can’t talk about just yet. But, the team does have a little something to share with everyone before we close out 2021, so stay tuned for that! If you haven't already, head on over to the Discord server to be the first to know about all the changes coming to the game.

Look out for our holiday update dropping within the next two weeks and the next big update coming in early 2022. The team can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!

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