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Community Update #2 - Oct 2021

Told you we’d be back! It’s been a little while, but trust us... it was worth the wait!

In the time since the first community update, we’ve been ironing out all the kinks and improving the tools introduced in version 0.54 of Super Code Strike. Those updates went live with version 0.55, which many of you know was released shortly after. Alongside those tweaks were small, but meaningful additions like the ability to mention other players in comments. We've been happy to see you guys using this new feature to support each other’s content with words of encouragement, provide feedback, or share a joke or two! We've also made some changes to the first-time user experience to ease newcomers into the game and community.

But hold on, there’s much, much more to talk about! What we’re really here to spotlight is the long-awaited return of the store and the introduction of one of our most-requested features: customization. We’re already up to version 0.56, which also brings a host of other changes and features that we’ll be diving into in this community update. From the reward system, to new content and our first ever event — there’s a lot of ground to cover. We want players to express themselves and personalize their experiences, and that's what is at the heart of version 0.56.


You asked and we delivered — the store is back and better than ever. Before, items were on a schedule where only certain goodies would be available for purchase at any given time. We heard stories of players waiting for that one item they really wanted, but always missing the window of opportunity to bring it home. Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. We’ve simplified the store; now it’s where you get Nanites to be spent in our fancy, updated customization menus.

Instead of guessing whether the stuff you’re interested in costs Coins or Nanites, we’re reworking the roles of each one. To simplify things, every purchasable item now costs Nanites. Coins will be an earnable in-game currency that you can exchange for the premium currency, Nanites, at a rate of 5000:10 in the new store. And those building assets you wanted from the store? We’re giving you all of them, free of charge. They’ll be available from the moment players start work on their first islands. Nanites are used exclusively for cosmetics and characters, so that all Builders are on an even playing field.

Character Customization

The next time you want to change your character, you’ll be welcomed by sparkling new menus! In the first tab, you can cycle through the list of the available characters — just like you remember — but you’ll notice that you can also purchase characters right from the menu. We heard you - it was confusing seeing characters in the store and not knowing if you owned them yet. The experience is now more intuitive, even if you’re just window shopping!

In the second tab, you can browse the 100+ cosmetic items that version 0.56 introduces to Super Code Strike. There’s a huge selection of cosmetics filling all manner of slots; earrings, gloves, badges, and way more! We encourage everyone to really mix and match. Try and come up with the funniest or most creative combinations you can!

Best of all, any character can equip any cosmetic item. Don’t let anything stand in the way of you putting that funny shirt on B.O.X! There are, quite literally, an endless number of possibilities just waiting for you to explore. Your outfits will be displayed on your profile, but you can also flex on your friends when you step into The Arena in your new threads.

The team is already hard at work on new cosmetics to keep you striking in style. In fact, there are a bunch of new items already lined up for the end of this month.


It’s almost Halloween, and you can’t have Halloween without some awesome costumes to scare your friends! To celebrate both the holiday and our new customization features, we’ve got a line of spooky Halloween outfits making their way into the game. Hop on them quickly though — they are available for a limited time only. This will actually be the first-ever event in Super Code Strike, though it definitely won’t be the last. You can expect us to be back with even more festive offerings when certain holidays come around.

Rewards Program

Last, but certainly not least, we’re adding loot boxes to the game! When you complete strikes, you’ll earn stars that push you down a reward track. Each strike can net you up to 10 stars, and every 30 you collect will get you a loot box reward. Loot boxes can be redeemed and opened for a random amount of XP, Coins, or even Nanites! This is the first step in creating an engaging progression system to keep you excited about striking new islands.

What’s Next?

With the latest string of updates, we’ve laid out a strong foundation for a healthy social environment that rewards players for engaging with each other’s content in multiple ways. The new store and customization system helps players express themselves when striking as well as when building.

Of course, we have additional improvements for many of these recent features, with a few more surprises later down the line. Other big additions are still in the works, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next community update! Until then, join us on our Discord server where you can participate in play sessions and test out new features early.

We’ll be back again before you know it with more cool stuff to share!

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