The story behind Fizztopia and an out of control CEO...

Where is Super Code Strike set?

The world of Super Code Strike is set on a planet called Fizztopia. It is one of many planets in a small galaxy of planets. The name of the planet is derived from the most popular cola in the galaxy, Fizz Pop.

Is that really it's name?

Yes - But, Fizztopia hasn’t always been called this, originally it was called Tera-4-ma. It was renamed by the governing council to Fizztopia after the Fizz Corporation (FizzCorp) successfully won the bid to sponsor and rename the planet.

What is Fizz Pop?

This is an extremely sugary and addictive cola drink, popular all over the galaxy. Drinking this cola maintains a very specific reality in the simulation (the world).

What is the simulation?

All of reality is a simulation, and below that is another simulation, and after that still another simulation. It’s simulations all the way down and probably all the way up. However it's possible to manipulate and change this simulation. But, the nefarious FizzCorp is in control, and actively discourages information dissemination in an effort to hide the fact that the universe can be hacked. 

What is FizzCorp?

An organization dedicated to profits and power over all else. It is run by the infamous Baron Sel-ah-Door, a terrible CEO with no regard for the environment or the happiness of others. 

What’s Fizztopia like?

Fizztopia has no major continents but is littered with millions of “small” islands. The largest group of which are the Islands of Hak-Hak.

What is Mega City

It's the largest city on the largest planet in the galaxy. Mega City takes up the entire surface of the Simulous and is home to Billions on the low. It's a futuristic dark city of buildings on top of skyscrapers on top of bowling alleys. It’s an oppressive place, crowded, wet, and polluted. And of course, it is home to the FizzCorp Empire.  

What are The Islands of Hak-Hak?

The traditional Island home of the Hak-Hak people. The Islands of Hak-Hak are controlled by a puppet government favourable to FizzCorp. The Isle of Hak-Hak is also home to the Raiders of Hak-Hak, a rebellious tribe of peoples fighting the oppression of FizzCorp.

Why are the Islands important?

The Islands of Hak-Hak are home to the pink Stim Tree, the main ingredient of Fizz Pop. 

What is the Stim Tree?

This tree opens and expands the mind. It helps foster awareness of the simulation of reality.

Who are the raiders of Hak-Hak?

A rebellious sect of the Hak-Hak people. They fight back against the oppressive forces that control Fizztopia.

What is the revolution?

An active pursuit to free the galaxy from FizzCorp by hacking the simulation to reshape reality. Their goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy life (not possible from within the simulation).  

What's the connection between Princess Sel-ah-dor, AL-X, and Baron Sel-ah-dor?

Baron Sel-ah-dor is the father of Princess and Al-x.

What is the Super Code Strike Bear?

The unofficial symbol of the revolution. It is a parody of the Fizz Pop logo.

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