A year in review for Super Code Strike

From the core gameplay concept, to design and in-app features, Super Code Strike has evolved considerably since last January 2020. What has stayed consistent is our intention to design, develop and release a mobile game that sparks players' creativity and fosters a natural desire to master the basics of coding. In anticipation of our January 2021 Early Access iOS launch in the Apple App Store (within Canada), we are taking a moment to appreciate just how far we've come this past year.

Despite a global pandemic, provincial lock downs, moving to exclusively remote working and all of the other challenges that come with indie game development, we have made incredible strides. We've grown our team by three, successfully built a remote team who works very well together, AND (most importantly) built the foundation for a REALLY FUN mobile game.

These are the major milestones we've reached in 2020:

To top off the year, we are excited to share that Super Code Strike has been approved to enter the Apple App Store! This means that the game will be available in Early Access within Canada as of January 2021. After a year of dedication and perseverance the greatest gift we could hope for is the ability to share our game with the public, and we're on track to make that happen!

The Creatubbles team would like to thank our beta testers for their time and valuable feedback provided this year. We wish everyone celebrating, a very happy holidays, and a wonderful, safe and joy-filled New Year!

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