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Coding for kids is all the rage right now. Some even call it a super-skill, as it fosters creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and many more essential life skills. So, it’s safe to say that coding deserves all the attention it’s getting!


Host Jeevan A. Robinson speaks with Paul Greenberg, the CEO and Founder of Creatubbles, a tech start-up that is focused on exploring ways to make it easy for parents and teachers to leverage games and technology to keep children engaged and teach them new skills.


Norm speaks with Creatubbles CEO, Paul Greenberg about "Super Code Strike" an app that features block-based coding allowing users to design, build and play their own mobile games.

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Paul Greenberg, of Creatubbles discusses how anyone can learn the basics of creating a video game by playing their new game, Super Code Strike. Find out how this innovative new app, available now in the Apple App Store, makes learning a happy byproduct of fun!


In this interview, Creatubbles CEO Paul Greenberg and Art Director John Little talk about their work in the technology industry building safe apps and mobile games for kids, and their new project Super Code Strike.

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Super Code Strike iOS Beta Sign Up - Raid and defend multiplayer base-building game where you use conditional commands to program your automated defenses!