Explore, Create
and Play

Explore, Create
and Play

Join this growing global community of creative gamers! Code robots to attack and defend, climb the leaderboards, and take on player-built levels, solo or in multiplayer. Only the most resourceful will survive in this cyborg world.

Can you HACK it?

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 Design and play mind-bending levels!


There are endless opportunities for adventure amongst thousands of player-built islands.



With the immersive building platform, you can easily create professional quality levels.



Follow your friends progress on our social feed then take on multiplayer striking with friends in The Arena.



Control the behaviour of robots and other cyborg elements with simple block-based code.

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Download the game now!

Design your own levels and games using the in-app game builder, then customize robot behaviour with blockly code. Climb the leaderboards and unlock new weapons and building materials. Join this global community on iOS and start playing for FREE!

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Super Code Strike is currently available exclusively within Canada on iOS devices.
Global access and Android optimization is set to launch in the spring of 2022.