We’re in Early Access! For Super Code Strike, that means you can play the game while it is in various development cycles. While you play, you may notice that there are a few things that are still works in progress. Any issues or bugs will be fixed as we continue to work diligently on development. We also invite players to share their opinions and experiences with our team through Discord.


Create and play your own games within Super Code Strike! Build unique island based obstacle courses, puzzles, sports challenges and so much more. Using block based coding, players are able to customize the behaviour of robots and other cyborg creatures, meaning the options for creativity are truly endless. Play solo or multiplayer to connect with friends. Strike other players’ islands to climb the leaderboards.

Super Code Strike is set on a planet called Fizztopia. It is one of many planets in the Cyborg Realm. There is no divide between living beings and computers on Fizztopia. Each player has the ability to hack into other elements to customize their surroundings. 


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