Super Code Strike is a NEW mobile game that allows players to design their own adventures. Create unique island based games, challenges and so much more. Using block based coding, players are able to customize the behaviour of robots and other building items, meaning the options for creativity are truly endless. Play solo or multiplayer to connect with friends using our in-app voice chat. Strike other players’ islands to climb the leaderboards and collect coins to unlock customizations and new building items.

The world of Super Code Strike is set on a planet called Fizztopia. It is one of many planets in a small galaxy of planets. The name is derived from the most popular cola in the galaxy, Fizz Pop. Fizztopia has no major continents but is littered with millions of “small” islands. The largest group of which are the Islands of Hak-Hak. The Islands of Hak-Hak are controlled by a puppet government favourable to FizzCorp. But, they are also home to the Raiders of Hak-Hak, a rebellious tribe of peoples fighting the oppression of FizzCorp. The rebellion is an active pursuit to free the galaxy from FizzCorp by hacking the simulation to reshape reality. The goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy life, which is just not possible from within the simulation.  


For more background on Fizztopia, the SCS characters and the FizzCorp CEO (the ultimate villain) check out our blog.